Lucy is a mixed breed that we rescued from an animal shelter in the California Desert. We think she is a mix of wired hair Jack Russell and something else, but she has the greatest personality and is extremely intelligent. See more below about Lucy↓


Lucy has always been a good eater. She is a free feeder which means we can leave food in her bowl and she will eat when she wants.  We have had other dogs that gobble it all down, no matter how many times we put it down.

We decided to get the best for Lucy so started her on Blue grain free food and it has been the best for her. No allergies, not overweight, loves the Duck and Salmon variety, and it is vitamin fortified. If your dog is pooping right after they eat, and the poop is big, there is too much grain in the dog food.

Lucy is a Terrier, which means lots of energy. To burn that off we walk daily and play squirrel in the house, which she loves.

Favorite Squirrel